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Font Development Toolkit for FontLab VI

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TypeRig (.\Lib\) is a Python library aimed at simplifying (to some extent) the current FontLab VI API while offering some additional functionality that is heavily biased towards a simultaneous multi-layered workflow.

TypeRig GUI (.\Scripts\TypeRig GUI) is a collecton of GUI centered tools representing functionality found in the library. Currently there reside:

Current features

Below listed featueres are implemented as TypeRig GUI. They affect all compatible layers simultaneously unless noted so.

Node Panel
Contour Panel
Guide panel
Layer panel

‘affects multiple selected layers

Anchors panel
Metrics panel
Mixer panel (closed beta’)

‘In order to operate, Mixer panel requires percompiled binary library MathRig that is currently available to limited number of users on Windows platform only. MAC version is also on its way…

Outline panel
Statistics panel
String pair generator panel
Text Block panel
Hints panel (TBI)
Font metrics manager

‘User modifiable JSON format

Font group/class kerning manager

‘User modifiable JSON format

Standalone scripts

‘User modifiable JSON format

Known issues

Please refer to


Unpack files anywhere you want. Then:

Note: It is possible that you could have two or more Python installations on one machine. Please note which one is set to work with your current Fontlab IV instalaltion. If it happens that your main Python installation differes from the one supplied with Fontlab, then you should manually copy the library provided as /typerig/ folder residing in ./Lib/ to your /FontLab IV/Resources/python/2.7/site-packages/ folder. To test it out, if the library is poperly installed please open your FL6 scripting panel, navigate to and open the console and type import typerig. If no error is returned, then the manual isntallation went just fine.


A non-fresh copy of the current master API could be obtained here (as a pydoc dump) as well as using python’s help(…) function. (TBI)


TypeRig FDK is developed by Vassil Kateliev (2017).

For contact and inquiries: vassil(at)kateliev(dot)com (TBI/TBA)