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Font Development Toolkit for FontLab 6 & 7

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TypeRig is a Python library aimed at simplifying the current FontLab API while offering some additional functionality that is heavily biased towards a simultaneous multi-layered workflow. As TypeRig (TR) is under rapid development in the last couple of years, please do update frequently.

Important note

If you are experiencing any trouble running your scripts after April 2021 please refer to our latest Py2.7 release. It is a snapshot before switching the TR core to Py3+ and refactoring most scripts to be both Py2.7 and Py3+ compatible.


Please refer to the following work in progress document.

Known issues

Please refer to our issues tracker.


Please take a look at our latest releases.


FontLab 7 - Manual installation from GitHub

Download the archived (.zip) package provided from this repository or clone it. Run FontLab 7 and drag the installation file provided in the root folder caleld install.vfpy to the application (as if it was a font). The Output window should report if the installation was successful. The TypeRig library should now be installed.

If you want to install the GUI based part of Typerig (only after successfully installing the core library) please open FonLab, Scripting panel. At the bottom of the panel you will see a small black Plus sign (+). Click on it and FontLab will ask you to Select directory where your scripts reside. Point the app towards ./Scripts/Delta Machine and ./Scripts/GUI.

FontLab 7 - Automatic installation within the application

Run FontLab 7, choose Scripts > Update / Install Scripts. Click OK in the dialog, wait until the installation completes. When you see the TypeRig is up-to-date dialog, click OK and restart FontLab 7.

The Scripts menu should now show the Delta Machine and TypeRig GUI sub-menus.


TypeRig FDK is developed by: Vassil Kateliev (2017-2021) and Adam Twardoch (2019-2020)

For contact and inquiries: vassil(at)kateliev(dot)com