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Proxy API and Font Development Toolkit for FontLab

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TypeRig GUI

TypeRig Panel

Outline Panel

The Contour tab/subpanel is a special purpose tool dealing with some contour operations in Glyph Window (GW). Its actions are governed by the TypeRig panel masthead (MH).

A typical view of Contour panel

Basic operations

In this section reside several buttons covering the following basic operations in accordance to layer options selected in MH:

Relocate start point in FontLab Studio 5

Note: Actions performed by TL, TR, BL, BR buttons are similar to the Relocate start points command in FontlabStudio 5

New in Contour Panel v0.25 - Reorder Contours

New in Contour Panel v0.26 - Remove Overlap


This section offers some contour to contour alignment options that work in accordance to layer options selected in MH. Except explicitly noted, contours that will be aligned should have at least one node selected (it is not necessary to select whole contours).

Contour alignment modes

Currently the supported alignment modes are as follows:

Panel development notes