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Proxy API and Font Development Toolkit for FontLab

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TypeRig GUI

TypeRig Panel

Layer Panel

The Layer tab/subpanel is a special purpose tool for dealing with layers in Glyph Window (GW) as well as Font Window (FW). All of its actions are independent from TypeRig panel masthead (MH) and work only on current active glyph.

A typical view of Layer panel

The Layer panel consists of two planes:

Basic Tools (Layers selected)

Basic operations for selected layers

This section offers the following tools:

Content Tools (Active layer to/from selection)

Content operations for selected layer

As the name implies this tool offers content interaction between current active layer and a layer selected in the Layer selector plane. There are several options (check boxes) indicating the type of interaction: Outline; Guidelines; Anchors; Left side bearing (LSB), Right side bearing (RSB) or Advance width.

Layer multi editing (Layers selected)

Tools for editing multiple layers

Here reside several tools that are different in nature, but are grouped together for convenience:

View of a glyph with layers unfolded

Please note that the above functions will only work if the glyph does not have linked metrics!

The second part grouped under this sub-panel deals with layer affine transformations. There are several basic fields for entering data, each one of them representing a coordinate tuple (X, Y): Translate, scale, shear (slant) and rotate. There are two options that affect all layers selected in Layer selector plane:

Interpolate/Blend (Selection to Active Layer)

A simple layer blend tool

This is a simple layer blend tool. It will create a single axis between current active layer and a layer selected in Layer selector plane as if they reside on positions 0 and 1000.

Panel development notes