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Proxy API and Font Development Toolkit for FontLab

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TypeRig GUI

TypeRig Panel

Outline Panel

The Outline tab/subpanel is a special purpose tool for spreadsheet style numerical editing of the glyphs outline. The panel was inspired by similar tool found in DTL Foundry Master.

A typical view of Outline panel

It works in Glyph Window (GW) as well as Font Window (FW) and its actions are independent from TypeRig panel masthead (MH). Use Refresh button when moving onto another glyph. Trying to apply any action onto different glyph than the one shown will discard that action, rise a warning and refresh the panel.

In its essence the panel is nothing more than a big node table representing:

Notes: * Shapes are now called Elements in FL; ** Making these fields editable is planned for future versions;

All of the above columns are user sortable. On top of the node table resides a combo-box that allows switching between glyphs master layers.

The tool is useful in fast numerical editing of node positions, observing coordinate rounding, finding inconsistencies of ink-traps, serif widths and etc.

Panel development notes